I am a self-taught painter.

Growing up, I learned how to be a man.  I came to believe that, if I presented the perfect body – the ideal masculine form – I could be loved.  I was a decorated athlete, but I used steroids; I was adored, but I abused drugs and myself.  I was miserable. 

I attended law school to become the man I was raised to be.  I worked at the Pentagon and a top global law firm.  Then I got cancer.

Cancer took me from one misery to another – my body was taken apart, destroyed, and permanently disfigured.  As I recovered, I left behind lucrative job offers to pursue painting instead. 

Painting is a subversive act against my former life.  My paintings explore the strangeness of the body - it’s role in identity, it’s isolation and weakness, and the conflict between self and body. As such, I want to make images and creatures that are immediately real and vulnerable.